7 Tips for the Busy Mom This Summer

Summer is upon us, and your probably wondering how to get everything done each day.  Day camps, going to the pool, or just trying to get all the items off your checklist are difficult.  Here are 7 tips that will help you get through the summer.  While getting some time for yourself.


Cook twice as much as you think.

When you are making a meal for the family.  It’s a great idea to cook twice as much.  Then freeze the other half.  This way you’ll be able to have a pre-made meal ready for next week!

After dinner cleaning

Design a 30 minutes after dinner that the kids clean.  Either have them help with dinner, cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, or family rooms.  It is a great way to instill skills they need and have your kids help with upkeep of the house.

Make a To-Do list

Help your kids out by making a to-do list for the next morning.  Review the list before bedtime.  Your husband probably doesn’t like to be surprised with chores.  Nobody does.  So review the next morning tasks with your kids for an efficient departure to your day.